Beauty Packaging Magazine interviewed Emanuele Mazzei, CEO Lumson USA, during the last edition of MakeUp in LA.

Since Lumson’s founding in 1975, the “Made in Italy” attribute has been an important quality, as are the concepts of blending tradition with innovation. What does “Made in Italy” mean to Lumson, and what type of traditions does the company incorporate into its beauty packaging innovations?

Emanuele Mazzei: We like bringing our core values to the forefront through our packaging concepts, through design and innovation. We believe there is a way to combine the aesthetic values that Italian creativity is known for, with efficient and sustainable industrial solutions.

BP: Lumson recently acquired Marino Belotti Srl, an Italian cosmetics packaging solutions company. What does this acquisition add to Lumson’s existing business and how do you plan to leverage this acquisition in the beauty sector?

EM: The Belotti acquisition is our first step at expanding and qualifying our color assortment. It is part of a bigger strategy that Lumson has undertaken. Here, too, Belotti is an example of Italian tradition and excellence that now as part of the Lumson Group, has more potential in terms of application and scope.

BP: Color—especially lip color—represents another of Lumson’s expansion focuses. How did your acquisition of Leoplast help Lumson expand its capabilities, expertise and offerings in the realm of lip color packaging, and why do you feel this is such a dynamic market?

EM: We acquired Leoplast just over two years ago. Now that Leoplast has been fully transitioned into the group, we’ve made further inroads into a market segment that was still untapped for us and that we consider has a huge global potential. We see our lip offering as especially appealing, not only thanks to the products themselves and value-added capabilities in our internal value chain, but also due to our process flexibility, customization techniques and proximity to filling locations. Today, the Italian product line becomes even more appealing as there are new constraints affecting Asian sourcing.

BP: Tell us about Lumson’s long-standing commitment to environmental stewardship.

EM: I think it is safe to say that Lumson has always seen the environmental aspect as an integral part of our product assortment. In fact, our most successful and really unique products distinguish themselves not only for their concept of application and design, but also for their contribution to the environment, by enabling the end consumer to properly dispose of the packaging.

BP: Are there any additional new developments within your business? What’s next for Lumson?

EM: Lumson is going through a major renewal, beginning with our structure, having established our new headquarters on the grounds in Capergnanica, Italy, to our new wave of innovative products, our corporate initiatives towards the environment with new materials and applications—and of course, our global strategy.