Lumson walked down the road of sustainability by implementing important choices

Lumson has decided to invest in processes that optimize resources and in ethically and economically sustainable solutions. All sectors of the company and every step in the production process are involved in reducing environmental impact. Because for Lumson, sustainability is an all-encompassing goal that interests the entire life cycle of a product (LCA).

Lumson goes green: sustainability and innovation come first 

This process that has given life to innovative products that are also respectful of the environment. Our way of being “green” and reducing environmental impact- measurable and tangible.

The catalogue of our green offerings is in continual evolution with products that are already available and new ones that will enrich Lumson’s product catalogue over the course of 2020. From PLA 2.0 lipstick to the ECOmpact compact case, from Jairless to TAL, two airless systems that use TAG and are innovative thanks to the material that they are made from: the former is a glass jar and the can, an aluminum bottle. Solutions designed to unite safety, performance, and the principles of a circular economy: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.

PLA 2.0: eco-friendly lipstick

PLA 2.0 introduces a new era in the lipstick world being 100% green without compromising on functionality and personalization possibilities with different decorations. Obtained from renewable and bio-based raw materials and made entirely with one material, it doesn’t deform at high temperatures and doesn’t require any addition of lubricants within the mechanism. PLA 2.0 is currently already available.

Sustainability means: recycle, reuse, reduce 
Lumson goes green