Lumson is a leading company in Europe in development, production,

decoration of primary packaging for the cosmetic market.

Lumson Group strongly believes in the wise and balanced mixture between Tradition and Innovation, promoting the concept of “Made in Italy” both in its territory and worldwide, conscientiously adhering to sustainability and an environmentally conscious attitude each and every day.
The company is also strongly concerned with Welfare, that’s why Lumson promoted and initiated a large number of services whose aim is increasing individual and familial well-being of its employees, under both economic and social profiles.


1975 Lumson begins activity.
1991 Lumson designs, develops, and begins production of its first standard packaging collection.
1995 Lumson designs, develops, and begins production of cosmetic pumps.
1998 Lumson attains ISO 9001-2000 certification.
2009 Lumson designs, develops, and begins production of the first and only Airless system in the world with a glass bottle: the TAG System.
2011 Lumson acquires PMP Ltd.
2012 Lumson attains ISO 14001 certification.
2013 Lumson Group acquires Modapack srl, specializing in make-up packaging.
2015 Lumson celebrates 40 years of business.
2017 Lumson acquires Leoplast Srl
2018 Lumson attains ISO 9001-2015 certification.


Creativity, technology and passion are LUMSON’s deep-seated values.

LUMSON is committed to become a leading player in the international cosmetic packaging market, through an unceasing commitment to innovation and functionality.

LUMSON is a trustworthy and flexible partner able to support its Clients in the choice of a wide range of cosmetic packaging solutions, to create highly recognizable products in a cost effective way.”


November 2017: Lumson awarded of LE FONTI AWARDS, as “Excellency of the Year for Innovation and Sustainability in Cosmetic Packaging”

Winner of the award THE WALL 2016 during Cosmopack 2016 for the category PACKAGING SKINCARE AWARD with the technology MICROCHIP INSIDE

Pandino (CR), March 19th 2016 “Recognition of Excellence Award“: Lumson has been awarded of a “Certificate of Merit” thanks to its commitment in the enhancement and development of its Area and its policy of promotion of the territory – the Italian Beauty District.

Since 2010 Lumson is proud to be awarded with the “Prix Formes de Luxe”, assigned by a Jury made of International experts of the “Beauty and Luxury” field, analyzing and honoring the successful collaborations with brands of the French market.

In the last years, Lumson has been honored with “Prix Formes de Luxe”, Award for the category “Standard Packaging”, thanks to following collaborations:

  • Yves Rocher in 2010
  • B3 (Groupe Auriège) in 2011
  • Franck Provost in 2012
  • Caudalie in 2013
  • Sothys in 2014
  • Lierac in 2015
  • L’Oréal in 2016
  • Tata Harper in 2017

Assiteca 2015 Award: Lumson has reached the final for the Award Assiteca “The Risk Management in Italian companies”. The 2015 Focus “Company Welfare: winning procedures and models” has seen Lumson amongst the companies committed to this topic, standing out as one of the top in our country.


Lumson is also active in a larger cooperation of notable, locally-based companies of the same industry in an endeavor to support and collaborate together for global success. Lumson is proud to be a member of POLO TECNOLOGICO DELLA COSMESI, a Non-profit Association founded in 2005, which aims to represent and become the reference point for all the Italian companies active in the cosmetic industry: from direct producers of cosmetics and related products, to designers and producers of both primary and secondary packaging, to plant and machinery manufacturers and contract fillers, to service companies having a focus on the cosmetic industry.

Being an active member of POLO lets Lumson get in touch and establish synergic collaborations at an international level with different Associations of Cosmetic Business, like the French Association Cosmetic Valley, the Japan Cosmetic Centre from Saga Prefecture in Japan, and the Spanish Barcelona Beauty Cluster.


Lumson is not only deeply involved in the cosmetic district, but shows a marked interest for its local community, thanks to initiatives concerning the municipality of Crema and services to its citizens:

  • Lumson financed the preservation and restoration of the Main Chapel of the Cemetery of the village of Passarera, close to Crema and Capergnanica, a project authorized by the Cultural Assets Superintendence.
  • Every year Lumson sponsors the non-competitive Aperunning” run in the municipality of Capergnanica
  • Lumson is every year official sponsor of Football Cup Trofeo Dossenain Crema